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Fallen Lore

Welcome to the Lore side of Fallen! Here, we have a dedicated community of roleplayers who enjoy the wonderful process of creating the environment that Lore is today!

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Fallen Vanilla

Welcome to the Vanilla side of Fallen! Here, we have a loyal, diverse and supportive community and staff. We have a large variety of diverse players that made Vanilla the safe place it is today!

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Fallen Modded

Welcome to Modded, where we mess around die a lot, and come up with cool automated machines and mess around with magic.


Where gaming doesn't sleep

A private applications-based SMP that has been running for over six years. Whether you are a Minecraft veteran or a newcomer, we are all here to enjoy this game. With people from around the globe on our server, we never sleep. Almost all playstyles have a home here with our three servers: Fallen Vanilla, Fallen Modded, and Fallen Lore. Be involved in one or all of them! With our large community, you will find a home here.

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