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Fallen Vanilla

The vanilla smp server of fallen smp, is a server built on paper minecraft with a few plugins as well as datapacks. Click the button bellow to learn more info!

Fallen Modded

Welcome to the Modded side of Fallen SMP! We play a variety of modpacks that switches about every month or so! Click the button below to learn more!

What is Fallen SMP?

Fallen Smp Is a private application-based vanilla+ Smp, which has been running for over 6+ years by Bloo. With the help of staff members and the leadership of bloo. Fallen Smp Is one of the biggest private SMPS in the Minecraft community. We strive to make a welcoming open community for people of all backgrounds. Here is what some of our players have to say about why they play on fallen smp.

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"I play Fallen SMP because it is pogChamp"

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"Once when the head of modded, MgDeception, built a beautiful spawn I decided to mess with him a little bit. I went through a portal and..."

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"I play on the Fallen SMP because it allows me and my friends to collaborate on a base as well as being part of a friendly and talented..."

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"My favorite thing about modded was when i became staff and we played on Valhelsia 3. We were testing the modpack and made this..."

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"I play Fallen because it has great/ friendly community and staff"

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"Well my first day of pixelmon I met a guy named Crispy, now we are good friends and we play a lot together on fallen. Also..."

Why join Fallen SMP?

Fallen Smp is like no other Smp in the world, without its custom plugins, data packs, version of Java, and Dedicated Box. We can make a smooth equine experience for our players. As you can see by the statements from our members we run a professional and welcoming community for our members. You will be able to find friends like-minded people to play Minecraft within our community. We hope to see you playing on fallen smp soon!